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Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

Another weekend flew by and I can't believe it was the last weekend in June!  Goodbye June...hello July!  We were very relaxed on Saturday morning with going to some yard sales and then coming home to read books.  Bradley had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and he had a blast with all the games they played.  

Reading the new books we bought at a yard sale.
 My best deal at a yard sale....brand new lamp for $10.  The guest bedroom finally has light when you flip the switch!  There are no ceiling lights in that room but the switch is hooked up to an outlet.  Lamps are crazy expensive so I was waiting to find the right one at a yard sale or consignment store.

Baseball with water balloons was Bradley's favorite game at the birthday party!

It was rainy and chilly on Sunday which made perfect baking and cooking weather.  I made a big pot of chili and two batches of cookies.  Bradley played outside in the rain puddles for awhile and then two of his friends came over while their parents went to a wedding.  Those three get along so well and they stayed super busy with play-doh, kinetic sand, the bounce house, coloring and crafts, and we couldn't end the night without popcorn and Frozen.

 We had the perfect rain puddles in our driveway!

 This child loves getting wet.

 Peanut butter cookies!

 I love how play-doh keeps the kids entertained for hours.  It was always my favorite thing to to when I was a kid too!

 We set the bounce house up downstairs since it was raining outside.  This was probably one of the best purchases I've ever made.  It's always been a hit with kids and it's held up well.

 Even Mike got in on the fun of making crafts!

 His creation had us all rolling in laughter!

 All it takes is popcorn and Frozen to make three kids very happy.

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