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Friday, June 26, 2015

Called for Life by Kent & Amber Brantly with David Thomas Book Review

I have anxiously waited a month to receive this book.  It finally came in the mail yesterday and I finished reading it this morning.  I couldn't put it down!  My emotions are all over the place right now after reading and understanding Kent's experience of being infected with Ebola and surviving such a deadly virus.. 

 I still remember reading articles online and watching the news of Kent arriving in Atlanta...the first Ebola patient to arrive in the United States.  I remember the fear, frustration, nervousness, and lack of sympathy I had towards Kent.  I just knew we would have an Ebola outbreak in the United States and it would all be because we allowed him to come infected into the United States.

Called for Life was humbling for me to read.  It convicted me of my faults of not loving my neighbor.  It allowed me to see Kent and Amber as faithful servants of God who remained focused on Him despite their circumstances.

I love how the book goes back and forth from Kent's thoughts to Amber's thoughts so you understand what each one of them are going through.  I was the most emotional reading Amber's story especially when she wrote "It was overwhelming enough living with the possibility that Kent could die without me ever being able to see or touch him again.". 

Reading about Kent's compassion he had on the people of Liberia was humbling.  He showed Jesus to them despite their deathly sickness.  I love this paragraph that he wrote "Jesus healed many people who did not follow Him.  I believe I am called to do the same.  His healing was not predicted on their acceptance of His message.  Jesus healed because He had compassion on people.  And I seek to have that same kind of compassion on my patients.".  I also loved Kent's statement when he knew he might not overcome Ebola.  He says "I know that God can save me.  I know He can.  But even if He doesn't, I don't want to deny Him.  I want to be faithful."

I have a whole new perspective of Kent and Amber Brantly after reading this book.  Called for Life reminds us of the risk, the honor, and the joy to be known when God and others are served without reservation.  This book has opened my eyes to see my need for loving others like Jesus did.  Like Kent and Amber Brantly did.

Called for Life will be on sale July 21st.  You can pre-order your book here.

*Disclosure - I received a complimentary copy of Called for Life from Blogging for Books in exchange for a review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

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