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Monday, June 8, 2015

Bradley's Art Birthday Party

My little baby turned 4 years old on Saturday!  He's been into everything art related lately so it was a must to have an art themed birthday party this year.  I had so much fun planning and prepping for this party and everything turned out beautifully.  Of course, out of all the activities we had, Bradley says his favorite thing about the party was blowing out the candles.  Next year, we'll skip all the party planning and just have candles and cake!

We had the party outside and I'm so thankful for perfect weather!  There was a welcome station with aprons for all the children and crayons in a jar guessing game.  The child guessing the closest amount went home with a package of funky paintbrushes.

I loved how perfect the giant art easel turned out.  Mike took two old doors and covered them with art paper.  The kids had a variety of paintbrushes and paint colors to make their own art creation.  My only disappointment was not taking a picture at the end.  They did an awesome job and it looked beautiful!

We had a flubber making station!  There were two kids per container and I pre-measured all the ingredients so making the flubber was super easy for the kids.

 Mike did another awesome job making the pinata!  I bought a clear paint can from the craft store and he made a trap door at the bottom of it.  We taped string to the trap door and the kids each had their own string to pull at the same time for it to drop all the candy.

The next activity was exploding sidewalk art.  I pre-made all the bags the night before so the kids just had to add the baking soda bomb, shake the bag, and throw it on the ground.

The birthday cake was just a basic four layer chocolate cake with vanilla frosting.  For the paint dripping affect, I melted the colored frosting just enough for it to easily drip down the side of the cake.  I kept party costs down by just sticking with cake/cupcakes, ice cream, and drinks.  The Hawaiian punch worked out perfectly for this party theme with the four colors.


 The party favors are always my favorite to make and I LOVED this year's favors.  Each child took home a Melissa & Doug doodle pad with crayons, stickers, stamps, glitter glue, scissors, and paintbrushes.

 A huge thanks to my friend Melissa for making Bradley's adorable shirt!  
You are amazing, Melissa!! 


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  2. LOVE IT! What a great party idea! Everything is so colorful! You're an awesome host! Glad Bradley had a great birthday!