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Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

What a fun Mother's Day weekend I had with my family!  The weather was gorgeous both Saturday and Sunday and we were out in it all day long.  On Saturday we went bike riding on the Mountain Division Trail, a new trail for us.  I think the Eastern Trail is prettier but I loved the trail being paved on the MDT.  

After church on Sunday, the boys took me out to get my favorite food, Mexican, and then we went to Two Lights State Park.  I could spend all day there climbing the rocks and watching the waves.  There's nothing like it!  Thanks to my husband for making me feel so special on Mother's Day weekend!

Me and my little buddy after we finished biking the Eastern Trail.  And yes, we biked on that scary, ancient bridge behind us.

Some of our favorite ice cream is at Smiling Hill Farm.  Bradley of course gets chocolate, Mike had peanut butter, and my favorite is mississippi mud.

Mother's Day picture before church

At Two Lights State Park

Lots of sunshine and gorgeous views....one of my favorite spots!

Bradley was all about trying to get the waves to splash us both.

Climbing rocks is such a fun childhood memory for Mike and to watch him do it with Bradley is really special!

My favorite picture I took of the waves. 
 I love the way it captures the power of the waves.

Bradley was so cute laying back and watching the waves hit the rocks.  

My incredible husband who truly made the weekend so special for me!

My Mother's Day present!  I put it to great use this weekend! 

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