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Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

We started our Friday night with going on a double date with friends.  They took us downtown Portland to Nosh Kitchen Bar and oh my gosh it was delicious!  The only frustrating thing was deciding what to order.  So many delicious choices even down to the fries...nosh bacon dust fries, seriously, who comes up with this yummy goodness?  We had dessert at Gorgeous Gelato which brought back fun memories of when we stopped there while we were on our cruise a couple years ago and ported in Portland for a day.

On Saturday morning, we walked to the Farmers Market. Have I mentioned how much I love living close to town and having sidewalks everywhere I go?  We worked in the yard for about an hour but ran into all sorts of issues.  Burn permits weren't being issued because it was too dry and we couldn't get the chain saw or weed wacker to work.  It was pretty frustrating so we gave up, went with plan B and headed to the ocean.  We brought our lunch to eat on the beach but it ended up only being 46 degrees once we got there and none of us dressed appropriately.  So there went plan B.  Plan C was coming home and taking a nap so we finally completed a plan by 4 pm.  Mike put up Bradley's swingset outside on Saturday night and Bradley was very happy to have all his toys outside again.

A really cute Farmers Market within a mile from our house.

Mike and Bradley trying to chop trees with hand cutters. 

Screw the yard work...time for wheelbarrow rides!

Our walk on the beach lasted about 5 minutes before we were all freezing.  In the Winter, it was always 5-10 degrees warmer by the ocean but I'm realizing in the Spring/Summer it's going to be 5-10 degrees colder by the ocean.

Yay for having his slide back!

This digger is probably his favorite outside toy.  He dug and dug all weekend long!

He's finally tall enough to use the monkey bars himself!

He was so proud of himself!

After church on Sunday we came home and I made homemade BBQ chicken pizza while Mike and Bradley worked on our bikes to take for a ride on the Eastern Trail.  It hit 60 degrees on Sunday afternoon with lots of gorgeous sunshine.  It was Bradley's first time using the new co-pilot bike trailer and our first time back on bikes in almost a year!  We rode 2 miles before we had rubber legs and sore buns.  Bradley did awesome on his new bike and loved every minute of it!  I went back to church on Sunday night to help pack bags for the Brave Mama ministry.  We all crashed by 8:30 pm and were ready to end the weekend with sleep!

Soaking up the gorgeous sunshine with my two favorite boys!

I love this new co-pilot bike for Bradley!

The Eastern trail is probably one of the prettiest walking/bike trails I've ever been on.

Stopping to take a break and swing!

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  1. Your weekend looks fabulous. All the photos are just so fun to watch. At some domestic venues in Chicago we are also going to host a beach themed bash for our daughter’s 10th birthday. It will be a fully customized party. Hoping to have such enjoyable day!