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Monday, March 23, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

Wow!  I blinked and the weekend was over.  We were super busy this weekend which didn't help slow it down any.

I started Saturday morning off with a massage.  My back is doing so much better with a chiropractor visit and two massages in the last week.  Mike took Bradley to get a passport picture.  His first mug shot is hilarious!  

It was Maine Maple weekend which means sugar shacks are open to the public.  It was so much fun seeing how our maple syrup is made and seeing all the new baby farm animals.  We tried our first maple donut and went on our first sleigh ride!  Hilltop Boilers was our favorite out of the 3 sugar shacks we visited.  The maple fudge was OH MY GOSH delicious.  I only wish I had bought more than one piece!  We came back home and I made a pot of chili and we ended our Saturday evening with Mike and Bradley watching basketball while I knitted.  I'm finally seeing progress on my knitting skills!

It started snowing on our sleigh ride which make the ride even more magical.  Well, it was magical other than smelling strong horse poo the entire time.

The ride was so pretty with all the snow!

Our first maple donut.  
It wasn't as delicious as apple cider donuts but it was super yummy!

The farms tap the trees differently.  Some use the metal buckets and other use the plastic tubing which taps multiple trees and then drains into one large metal bucket.  

The baby animals were oh so sweet.  I really wanted to take one of the piglets home with me.  And the calf was just born on Friday morning so he was a little over 24 hours old when we saw him.

Bradley didn't like all the steam in the sugar shacks.  After watching the long process of making maple syrup, I completely understand why maple syrup is so expensive!

He was much happier outside riding on the tractor.

I watched the 4's and 5's in church nursery on Sunday morning and then we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch . We were all feeling a little homesick and needed a southern meal of fried chicken, fried okra and sweet tea!  It was comfort food and it was perfect.  Then we made our usual trip to Lowes to pick up a ceiling fan, stopped at a couple furniture stores to check out some accent chairs, and then to Snip It's for Bradley to get a haircut.  Back home to make 4 batches of cookies dough while Mike installed the new ceiling fan.  And we ended the night with some more basketball....I have a feeling the next week or so will be filled with lots of basketball.

Before...he requested for his hair to look like Kaden's (his friend from SC).

After...golly he's so grown up looking!

Y'all!  I went through 8 sticks of butter, 6 cups of sugar and 12 eggs for 4 batches of cookie dough!  Chocolate chip cookies to put back in the freezer for company and sugar cookies for our Easter Egg Hunt at church on Saturday.

That's one wicked sexy handyman replacing our ceiling fan!  

The old really dirty white and gold fan was replaced by a much nicer fan!

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