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Monday, March 2, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

My favorite day this weekend was Saturday.  Not only did we complete a couple projects around the house, we woke up super early to see the sunrise at The Portland Head Light and we had friends over for dinner and games.  Saturday was a full day so we pretty much crashed after church on Sunday!

It was a whopping 0 degrees.  Poor Bradley only lasted long enough to snap this picture and he was back in the warm car.

Can this be any more picture perfect?

I LOVED this part of watching the sun peek up.

God is an awesome Creator!

If I hadn't of felt like I was getting frostbite, I would have stayed there for hours.

This is Bradley's first time seeing a sunrise.

He loved watching the sun "wake up".
I love all the rock art creations at Fort Williams.  There seems to be a new creation each month.

We were shopping at Lowes at 7 am!  We pretty much had the store to ourselves.

The guest bathroom finally has a normal mirror and lighting.  I forgot to take the before picture but it was a hideous, rusty, old attached light/medicine cabinet.

Lunch at Panera Bread after church on Sunday makes for happy smiles!

Sunday night Lincoln Log and train time.  You can tell we all took great afternoon naps with the crazy hair shots.

I loved the normalcy of this weekend!  I loved having friends over for dinner and building our friendships!  I loved worshiping God with my church family on Sunday morning!  I loved the simple and lazy Sunday afternoon with Mike and Bradley!  The South Carolina homesickness is slowly disappearing and Maine is beginning to feel more and more like home sweet home.

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