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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How I Get Products to Review for my Blog

One of the reasons I love being a blogger is for free stuff.  Yep, I'm cheap like that.  I love having a chance to try an item, review it, and tell the world my opinion.  Not that anyone cares, but it makes me feel important.  Here are four of my favorite groups that I'm a part of:

Smiley 360 - This is one of my favorites!  It's super easy to accomplish missions by either posting reviews on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog.  You can also make YouTube video reviews which earns you extra points.  I love the variety of products I've been able to try through Smiley 360.

Purex Insiders - This one is really great for trying new laundry products, bath wash, and hand soap!  You will be trying Purex and Dial products.  I love the free product coupons that are included so I can offer giveaways on my blog so y'all can have a chance at trying these new products.

Moms Meet - I've only been selected 3-4 times from this group but it's still been a lot of fun. They send me a full size product and 10-15 samples so I can immediately pass out to my friends.  After sampling the item, you complete an online survey of how you and your friends liked the product.

Blogging For Books - This has been a great one to give me more motivation to read.  You can request hard copy or e-books to read and review.  Once you finish a review, you are allowed to choose another book.  A super, easy way to read new books and build your library!

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  1. Thanks for the helpful hints! Can't wait to try it out for myself!!!