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Friday, March 13, 2015

Hello Fresh - A Fun New Way to Plan Your Menu!

I recently tried out a new meal service called HelloFresh.  I received my first box this week and I must say it was really cool to have the ingredients for 3 dinners delivered to my front door step.  Grocery shopping was a piece of cake this week!  Right now when you sign up, you will receive $40 off your first box.  I think it's a great deal to have 3 really nice meals for $29.99 which is $10 a meal for 2 people.  The meat was antibiotic free which was a plus and the veggies were all super fresh.  

All the ingredients were packed inside insulated bubble wrap with ice packs.  Everything was chilled nicely and nothing was damaged.

I loved the way they packaged everything making each meal as easy as possible to put together.  They even included items like rosemary, red pepper flakes, sour cream, and a few other great little ingredients.  I'm not a huge fish person but tilapia was one of the meats they sent.  I did tweak the recipe some and we all (including Bradley) ate it and thought it was good.

Overall, I think this is a fabulous service especially when both Dad and Mom are working full time.  It's great for those people who want variety in their menu and are open to trying new foods.  I'm not sure it's a service that I will continue with in the future due to the cost without the special coupon.  But for the $29.99 introductory rate, it was a fun thing to try!

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