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Friday, February 20, 2015

The Latest and Greatest in Bradley's World

Oh Bradley.  You are a busy beaver lately with energy that doesn't end.  If you're not racing yourself in the house, you are finding things to jump over.  If you are not building with your legos, you are busy working a puzzle.  If you are not watching videos on your tablet, you are playing outside in the snow.  You are so full of ideas, imagination, creativity, and just a bundle of joy.  I'm so thankful you are my son!

You love puzzles!  You are now completing 24 piece puzzles all by yourself and you always love putting the last piece in Daddy and Mommy's puzzles.

If you could be an Eskimo, I'm pretty sure you would leave me tomorrow to be one. You find more fun in shoveling the snow than you do sledding.  If I try to get you to go sledding, you will go 2-3 times and then say, "let's get back to work shoveling".  We built our first snow tunnel together and I'll never forget how excited you were to crawl under the snow.

You love watching YouTube videos on your tablet.  Your favorite YouTube videos are watching strangers make creations out of Play-doh or Peppa the Pig.  The various positions you watch these videos in are hilarious.  It can't just be as simple as sitting on your bottom on the couch.  And I love when I catch you smiling or laughing at something funny that you just watched.

You are so proud of the creations you build with your legos. You are a genius with your imagination and are always looking for things around the house to build with. You made your first booby trap for Mommy and I was shocked that you even knew what that was or knew how to make one.  I'm pretty sure I'm in for some surprises the older and smarter you become.  


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