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Monday, February 9, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

Just seven more weekends and Winter will be over...HOPEFULLY.  I went to an IF Gathering at our church on Friday and Saturday.  Mike and Bradley got haircuts, ran some errands, and worked outside clearing some snow.  We've been great about making sure our driveway is cleared but completely forgot about clearing a path in the yard for the gas company to fill up our propane tank.  So Mike worked very hard digging out a path in about 50 inches of snow.  I cut out of the conference a couple hours early on Saturday afternoon so I would have some time with my favorite boys.  My brain was already on overload from everything I had learned and the ocean was calling my name.  It was bitter cold but still gorgeous.  On Sunday, we saw 3 teenagers get baptized at church.  It was awesome!  We went out to lunch after church with some new friends.  Mike ended up writing a paper for school on Sunday evening, Bradley watched Youtube Play-doh clips on his tablet, and I realized once again, I'm not a Nicholas Sparks movie fan.

Saturday morning at If Gathering

Mike and Bradley braving the cold to clear a path.

This path goes all around our house.  There are some parts that are deeper than others which make it really awesome looking!

This is what the roads look like with all the snowbanks.  It's insane.

One of my favorite pictures taken on Saturday.

Snow dunes instead of sand dunes

Yep, the cold and the snow doesn't even stop the surfers.

I never knew the ocean could look so gray and cold.

After I took this photo, a guy came out of the boat on the left.  
I can't even imagine being out there on the water in the middle of Winter.

Next time I'm bringing my chair, blanket, and hot cocoa so I can just sit and 
look at this view for hours.

They got out of the car long enough for a quick photo.  :)

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  1. Looks cold, but beautiful! The snow covered beach looks amazing! You guys are getting in some great workouts with all the snow shoveling this year! :)