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Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

Y'all.  We had a great weekend.  I really just want to rewind the last two days and do it all over again.

We started off our weekend by getting memberships at BJ's.  I've missed Costco so much and with it being almost 2 hours away, I knew I needed to find something else.  BJ's isn't Costco but you can't beat the great Living Social deal going on right now.  Buy a membership for $35 and you get a $25 BJ's gift card which is basically making your membership just $10.  They have fewer organic products than Costco but they have my basics and they are cheaper than the grocery store.  I'm hoping for substantial savings on next week's grocery budget! We strolled around BJ's for over an hour.  You know you're an old married fart when that is your Friday night adventure!

On Saturday, Mike went to a Men's Breakfast at church while Bradley and I slept in and then made pancakes.  That kid and his chocolate chip pancakes.  When Mike came home, we all worked outside for awhile shoveling, roof raking, and cleaning up before the next snow storm was hitting later that day.  Mike and Bradley made Chinese Egg Rolls and Cream Cheese Wontons for supper and Bradley even loaded the dishwasher after supper! 

We had a great service at Southcoast CC on Sunday.  Pastor Travis has been going through the book of Jonah and it's been a convicting series.  We stayed for lunch after service and it was really nice to make new connections and build friendships.  Get this.  It was 37 degrees when we left church with the sun shining!  I actually felt like I was on a tropical island for a few minutes.  Mud season is right around the corner so we made a trip to the LL Bean store in Freeport and picked up our first pairs of Bean Boots.  I feel like an official Mainer now!  Bradley loves the LL Bean store just for the fish.  And we couldn't end the day without stopping at Wicked Whoopies!


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