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Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

My days were a little messed up with our three day weekend.  We had a blizzard in the forecast for Sunday so church services were rescheduled for Saturday afternoon.  Mike had today off for President's Day so it felt like Saturday all over again.  My favorite thing I did this weekend was go to an Estate Sale on Saturday morning.  I'm a huge garage sale fan and to actually go to an estate sale in the middle of winter in Maine made me so happy!  We didn't have the snow accumulation that the weather guys thought we would get but we still had bitter cold and wicked winds.  We stayed inside in our pj's all day on Sunday and had a super lazy day.  Today, I found my new favorite grocery store....TRADER JOE'S.  I'm in love with that place.  We picked up some sandwiches at Mamie's Farmhouse and went down to the Waterfront in Portland to eat lunch and feed the seagulls.  It's been a great three day weekend with my boys!

Friday night movie

Family selfie

They weren't as excited as I was to be out in the cold for an estate sale.

The snowbanks are becoming huge!  
I can only imagine what mud season is going to be like.

One of Mike's Valentine's Day presents was a puzzle.  Puzzles are very relaxing to him while I think they more like a project that have to be completed before we do anything else.

Like Father, Like Son - two peas in a pod!

One of our favorite places to sit and relax.  Whenever a boat would go by, the ice would move up and down with the waves.  It was really fascinating to watch. 

This kid and whoopie pies!

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