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Monday, January 12, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

We went to Perry, ME for the weekend to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday.  As tired as we are of packing and traveling, it was nice to get away for a weekend and not think of any house projects that have to be done.  It had snowed the day before so it was a gorgeous drive.  I just wish I could capture it all on camera.  We stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere and ate lunch.  I've never eaten lunch at a gas station before.  But being up in "we are at the end of the world" country, finding a place to eat is very difficult.  Most restaurants are closed for the Winter season.  PopPop bought Bradley a new sled and was anxiously waiting for us to arrive so they could go sledding.  Mimi and Mike made us a delicious Chinese dinner and we ended the night playing cards.  It was a nice, relaxing evening with family!

My first gas station lunch experience

I felt like we were the only ones on the road at times.

Ice fishing anyone?

The farther North we drove, the worse the roads were.  This road took us 45 minutes to drive about 25 miles.

Bradley LOVES his new sled!

I'm pretty sure he was born to be a Mainer.

Dad G and Mike experimenting with match stick rockets...IN THE HOUSE!

Since Dad G doesn't love cake or pies, he gets JELLO for his birthday dessert!  It was actually really yummy strawberry jello with homemade whipping cream on top.

On Sunday, Mike and I went over the border into Canada to pick up some of my favorite candy bars.

These candy bars are worth all the strange looks I get from the border patrol when I tell them I just want to go into Canada for candy bars!

Looking from Canada across to Maine.  This seagull was ready to attack me.

Another great weekend full of beautiful sights, fun family memories, and enjoying the Winter season!

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