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Monday, January 5, 2015

Our Weekend Recap

It was just a blah weekend for us.  Mike had an outside house project to finish, it snowed, lots of playtime with Bradley, and we went to bed early every night.  We weren't in great moods but we weren't grumpy either.  Just blah...everyone is entitled to one of those weekends every now and then.  

Creating Mr. Potato Head & his farm animals with play-doh. 

He mixed all the ingredients together to make waffles for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Mike had to install a stair railing on Saturday morning.  It was only 18 degrees!  This was an unexpected project that our home insurance company required.  UGH!

Bradley made a camp ground for all his stuffed animals.  His imagination is all over the place right now, which is really cool!

Memory Card Game

Watching Daddy clear the snow off our driveway with his new snow blower.
First time I wore snow boots to church.  I'm really missing my pedicures and sandals.

There were at least 15 of these snow piles in the parking lot at Walmart.  And this is just the beginning of Winter.

Lunch at Chipotle's on Sunday

Mike had to fix a chair while Bradley used his digger to clean up sawdust.
The basement is rough looking but it's pretty nice to have a place that Bradley can have all his outside toys to play with while it's so cold outside.

Train tracks and Lincoln Logs...what more could two boys want?

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