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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our First Blizzard

Bradley and I experienced our very first blizzard yesterday and it was the first one in at least 20 years for Mike.  I will admit that after watching the news on Monday night, I was REALLY nervous.  I could only remember the chaos and extreme cabin fever we experienced in South Carolina when we had 5 inches of snow.  I couldn't even imagine getting 24 inches of snow or more.  I had a hard time sleeping on Monday night, constantly getting up and looking out the window.

  Our snowfall total in Gorham was 30 inches!  The wind was wicked strong and the snow was blowing all over the place.  Some of the snow drifts are easily 3-4 feet deep.  

Despite the massive amount of snow we had on Tuesday, our driveway was cleared by 9:30 this morning, the roads looks great, and Mike went back to work at noon today.  AMAZING!  The North definitely handles Winter a lot different than the South does.  And I'm loving it. 

He was so excited to start digging us out.

He quickly realized it's a lot harder than it looks as he starts 
sinking in his first snow drift.

Mike used the snow blower to make a little path for Bradley.

He loved it and it was so cute to watch him walk on his little trail!

Those rosy cheeks are just asking to be smooched!

The huge pile of snow at our front door.

Clearing the driveway was a big task!  

I really did help clear 2/3 of this driveway.  I actually love using the snow blower and it's a better workout than running for 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Still smiling even after cleaning up 30 inches of snow!

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