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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Groceries Week of January 4 - 10

ePantry.com - my total was $20.95 and I saved $16.64 with a coupon for free laundry detergent with any $20 order.  I'm finally running out of my CVS stockpile of personal hygiene products, laundry soap, etc.  I'm really wanting to get into using more organic, natural products so CVS might not even be my go to store for stockpiling anymore. GASP!  I love the convenience of online shopping and ePantry sells Mrs. Meyers products which I'm in love with!

Bon-Ton - This is normally not a place I shop for groceries at, but they had an awesome deal online for K-cups which count as groceries.  Thanks to my mother-in-law for sharing this deal with me in time for me to order.  One box is missing from this picture.  A total of 54 organic K-cups making them 40 cents each.   My total was $21.60 and I saved $42.35!!

Smiling Hill Farm - my total was $7.77 for two half gallons of milk and one pint of eggnog.

Great East Butcher Co. - my total was $28.54 for 1 pound grass fed sirloin steak.  I wish I had opened up this package and you could have seen these two gorgeous steaks.  They were really yummy and I've never seen Bradley inhale steak the way he did at supper this week.

Shaw's - my total was $26.73 and I saved $13.08.  I forgot to take a picture of these groceries.  I had picked up some maple syrup but ended up taking it back.  I just couldn't justify spending $19.99 on a bottle of maple syrup. 

Walmart - this was just a quick trip for some personal hygiene products and two whole chickens.  My total spent was $23.61.  And again, no picture but then who wants to see pictures of raw chicken with personal hygiene products?

My grand total spent this week was $129.20 so another week under budget!  

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