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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Groceries Week of January 18 - 24

Whole Foods - this trip was insane.  We went on Saturday afternoon and there had to be at least 300 people in the store.  I was so distracted that I overspent.  If it wasn't so far away, I would take two items back just so I would be under budget this week.  My total spent was $95.30 and I saved $14.73.

Walmart - a quick trip for necessities.  Bradley lives off cottage cheese and yogurt.  My necessity is Bailey's French Vanilla creamer.  It's far from organic and has a ton of sugar but I've yet to fall in love with maple syrup and half & half in my coffee.  My total spent was $15.70.

Smiling Hill Farm - my total spent was $13.02.  I returned one extra half gallon jug which helped lower my total cost.

Yes To Carrots online order - I used the 25% online coupon code combined with free shipping to stock up on some personal hygiene products.  Two shampoos, two conditioners, one face wash, one face moisturizer, one intense hand cream, and one lip balm totaling $49.44.  I'm quickly falling in love with these products!

My grand total spent this week was $173.46 which is $23.46 over my budget.  But since I've been under budget the last 3 weeks in a row, I've racked up a credit of $29.11 which covers the overage this week.  It's really nice having a little flexibility especially when the shopping trip didn't go as I hoped or we just needed to stock up on some items.

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