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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Simpli Safe Home Security System Review

After we purchased our new house, we started checking out home security systems.  I had received several offers in the mail from various companies but all of them had some sort of "fine line" policy.  The "free installation" or "free equipment" wasn't really free.   

We had a previous home security system back in SC and I went back and calculated what we spent on it.  It was close to $1,800 for equipment, installation, monthly service fees, and buying out our contract when we moved.  Signing a two or three year contract wasn't something I wanted to get involved with again.   My brother-in-law had recently purchased his home security system from Simpli Safe so I decided to check them out.  

Simpli Safe allows you to purchase your own customized security system, monitoring is optional but very affordable if you choose it, and there are no lock down contracts to sign.  You can simply stop the monitoring service whenever you like with no penalty charges.  I love the fact that if you happen to move (like we did) you can take your security system with you to your new home!  

 Installation was really simple and their customer service was fabulous.  We had one sign missing from our order and they shipped us a new one immediately along with 5 additional window decals at no charge.  I love that we can order additional sensors at any time if we should build on to our house in the future.  I love the $14.99 monthly monitoring charge...compared to the $34.99 I was paying back in SC.

Right now you can receive an additional 10% all new system orders with free shipping and free returns.  Just use code SAFETY10 at checkout. 

**All opinions expressed here are my own.  I personally bought a Simpli Safe home security system.  They did not pay me for my opinion or time to review their product.

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  1. You can simply stop the monitoring service whenever you like with no penalty charges. Complete Home Alarms