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Monday, December 15, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

The weekend definitely didn't happen the way we had planned.  We were hoping to get some more house projects completed but it just didn't happen.  Bradley was up most of Friday night with wheezing.  A typical cold can easily turn into croup for the little guy.  We've had many emergency room trips because of those late night scary moments when he has trouble breathing.  We took him into the Urgent Care Center on Saturday morning.  He was such a ham and didn't even act sick in the office.  The nurse totally fell for his charm too!

After that we took my car to the dealership to get a state inspection.  In Maine, all cars have to go through an inspection.  Crazy...but it is what it is.  The other thing that is different is you have to have a license plate on both front and back ends of your vehicle.  I went with the chickadee license plate and Mike went with the lobster license plate.  Both of our cars are now officially Mainers.  

Waiting at the car dealership for our car to be inspected.

We had a late lunch at Smiling Hill Farm.  It was our first time eating there at the cafe and the sandwiches were awesome!  Bradley had egg salad, Mike had turkey, and I had a BLT minus the lettuce and tomato.  I know....I shouldn't even call it a BLT but bacon and mayo on fresh white bread is just the way I like it.

We took a quick ride to the ocean so I could show Mike a new spot I found on Friday.  The only problem with it is that the fog horn goes off every 2-3 minuets and it's REALLY loud.  But it's a gorgeous little cove and we even saw one guy scuba diving.  

On Sunday, we went to Texas Roadhouse after church.  Bradley loved cracking the peanuts and ate more peanuts than he did his steak bites.  We made a quick trip to Mike's work to drop off some paperwork and took my car through the car wash.  I had a free coupon and the wash was $17.99!  We went home, crashed, and took a nap.  After a quick cleaning of the house, we ended our night with catching up on some Parenthood episodes.  And I promise to try to start having Mike take some pictures of me next weekend! 

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  1. You crack me up with your BLT sandwich girl, ha!!! :) Sorry to hear Bradley has been getting sick and wheezing. Does he have asthma? Have they put him on any inhalers? Poor kiddo, he's adjusting to the cooler weather too. I know when Brina gets sick she doesn't always run the typically fever she will just start misbehaving and not acting like her normal cheerful self. Hope he adjusts quickly, it's scary when the kids are sick! Nice license plates! Our weekends rarely go as planned, but sometimes they turn out more enjoyable with the changes! :) Have a great week!