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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Groceries Week of December 7-13

Smiling Hill Farm - My total was $13.21 but I also had a couple extra bottle returns which gave me a discount.  We tried the blueberry milk for the first time.  It was okay.  I'll stick with the chocolate or coffee milk in the future.

Whole Foods - My total was $129.09 and I saved $12.49 with coupons.  Not any great sales but I found some new hamburger buns I'm in love with.  They are Whole Foods brand organic white hamburger buns...seriously the best.  We've used them for hot sandwiches and burgers this week.

CVS - this was my first time in a CVS store in about 2 months!!  There isn't one right around the corner like I'm used to.  The Rite Aid is the closest drug store near us but I haven't gotten around to shopping in there yet.  I had some Christmas pictures printed at CVS so I picked up some makeup while I was in there picking up the photos.  My total was $8.93 and I saved $10.  The sale for Almay was BOGO 50% off.  The CVS kiosk printed a $3 off Almay coupon and a $7 off $15 Almay coupon so I was able to save $10 just by scanning my CVS card at the kiosk.

My grand total for groceries this week was $151.23, so just barely over my $150 budget.  I should have put the blueberry milk back on the shelf.

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