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Monday, November 10, 2014

Painting, Moving In, Unpacking, and more Unpacking

We officially moved into our new house one week ago today!  Seeing the moving truck parked outside the house was a beautiful sight!  Unpacking boxes and seeing all of our stuff was like Christmas Day.  We are very happy to have hotel life behind us and to get settled into our new home.  

We closed on the house on the 24th so I had a full week to get most of the rooms cleaned and painted.  Bradley went to stay with PopPop and Mimi for the week which was a huge help!  After painting for 4 days in a row and wearing the same outfit 4 days in a row, I was ready to burn my clothes, throw away the paint brushes and never think about painting again.

Despite my aching muscles and exhaustion, I thought the paint really made the rooms look great and the house felt more like home.  We went with all new colors except for Bradley's room.  We figured he had been through so much change lately, his room could be the one room we could keep the same as much as possible.  His room was the last room I painted and of course it would be the most difficult.  It was super cold and rainy that day which made the paint take much longer to dry.  It was worth the extra hassle when Bradley walked into his room and his face lit up with excitement!

I went bold with my kitchen and painted it Midnight Magic.  My friend, Melissa has the same color in her kitchen and I've always loved it.  And seeing the color reminds me of her which makes me happy.  Have I mentioned how much I miss my SC friends?!?!  Ignore the disaster on the kitchen counters...I have a good excuse for the mess. 

I chose Elegance for the room that we don't know what we are going to do with yet.  For now, until the fireplace is finished, it's become our family room.  It may end up being our dining room or office/reading room.  I also painted the hallway in the same color and eventually our family room will be the same color.  We will have to hire a professional to paint the stairway and the walls leading up to it.  I'm not even going to attempt a ladder or stilts to get those parts painted.

I was super happy with the Bell Tower Stone that I used in both bathrooms and our bedroom.  Once we add white crown molding, those rooms are going to look fantastic.  I'll use the same color in the downstairs guest bedroom. 

So now it's back to unpacking.  Somehow all motivation has left me when it comes to unpacking.  The boxes are very slowly going away.  Anyone want to come and help? I'll provide the coffee and cookies! 

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  1. You should be very proud of your accomplishment; it surely too hard work. Going with a color that reminds you of your best friend is a fantastic choice. Remember to keep track of the exact type and names of the paint that you used. That way, if you ever have to touch up an area you will know exactly what you need.

    Mattie @ Buyer's Corner Realty