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Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

We took full advantage of the gorgeous weather we had this past weekend and went on a scenic drive on Saturday and a nature walk on Sunday.  I'm quickly falling in love with Maine.  Now to master their harsh Winters!

On Saturday, we drove the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire.  It was gorgeous!  It reminded me a little of the Smoky Mountains in TN except the mountains seemed larger in NH.  There are so many hiking trails that we will definitely have to schedule another weekend just to hit some of the trails.  And of course we managed to get our driving directions messed up (it's not a road trip without getting lost), and thought we were headed home to to Gorham, ME but instead ended up in Gorham, NH.  It was quite the drive but we saw some beautiful scenery!  Some of the best pizza is found at local pubs and we found one of the best!  I don't even know what town we were in but the pub was called Pizza and Beer and we ordered a pizza with white sauce, steak, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms.  It was incredibly yummy.  It was a great day making memories with my family!

On Sunday morning we visited a church in Gorham.  It was somewhat disappointing and it's one more we can cross off our list.  We missed the church we visited last week so that could be a great sign that God is leading us to that church.  We have a couple more on our list to visit and then we will start revisiting some of the ones we liked.  We went back to the hotel and grabbed a quick lunch of leftovers.  We were going to go hang out at Old Orchard Beach but then stopped at the Eastern Trail and decided to go on a nature walk instead.  It was 60 degrees with full sun so it was a perfect day for walking.  We started in Scarborough and walked 5 miles starting at Pine Point Road to Black Point Road back to Pine Point Road.   My flip flops prevented me from walking the full trail of 65 miles.  :)  It was a beautiful trail of both water scenery and wooded areas.  We even saw a seal in the water which was super cool!  It will definitely be one of our new favorite places for walking.  Bradley was in bed by 7:30 pm last night and slept for 12 hours last night.  He's having a blast with all this outdoor recreation.

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