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Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

 We had a very encouraging weekend.  Hotel living is starting to get to all of us.  Bradley is anxious to have all his toys and books back, I'm anxious to have a full kitchen to cook in, and Mike is just ready to have Bradley and I in better moods.  :)
On Saturday we met Mike's sister at Shedd Park in Lowell, MA.  They were in that area buying a new puppy for the family.  We were very excited to see family and Bradley was so happy to play with his cousins. 

Mike has one more test to pass for his work so he was busy studying on Saturday night while I went downstairs to walk on the treadmill.  Eating processed food for 4 weeks has finally caught up to me.  I have gained at least 5 pounds, have no energy or motivation, developing skin issues, constant bloating, etc.  As much as I wanted to save money and just eat breakfast and supper at the hotel (the meals are free), it's not worth feeling like crap every day.  I started making meals for us last week and in just a week I can tell a difference. 

We visited SouthCoast Community Church on Sunday morning.  What a great service and a sweet group of people.  The weather was gorgeous on Sunday so after church we went downtown Portland.  We ate at Becky's Diner which has been featured on Diners, Drive-In's, & Dives.  It was a super cute Diner and the food was delicious.  Of course it left us all feeling like we ate a diner later that evening, but isn't that what diners are supposed to do?  After lunch, we took Bradley on a car ferry which he loved!  It was just an hour ferry ride that took cars to and from Peaks Island.  Bradley thought it was very cool to see the cars drive onto the boat.  I'm pretty sure he's going to be asking for a boat for Christmas very soon. 
A must visit diner if you are in the Portland area!
You know Bradley is tired of eating out when he asks for a PB&J sandwich.
Bradley has discovered "selfies".
My two favorite guys!
The ferry ride was so relaxing and soaking in Vitamin D was much needed.

People actually live on this small island! 
Arriving at Peaks Island

Watching the cars drive onto the boat before heading back to Portland. 

He loved this part!

Almost back to Portland.
We stopped for ice cream after the ferry ride and walked by the waterfront downtown Portland before heading back to the hotel. 
I love Bradley's expression in this picture.  He didn't want me taking any of his ice cream and just getting close to him for a picture was enough to make him grumpy at me.

Checking out all the love locks.

This little guy was exhausted by the time we go to the car.  He was just dozing off here in this picture and was completely asleep as soon as we buckled him into the car. 
 I'm so grateful we had a wonderful weekend that lifted all of our spirits!  I'm ready to tackle another week of transitioning to Maine.

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