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Friday, September 19, 2014

The Latest and Greatest in Bradley's World

I'm confident that I have the best 3 year old boy in the world.  I wish I could view the world in his eyes.  There is such an innocence about him that I never want him to lose.  He continues to find the good in everything, has such a tender heart, and is always trying to make sure everyone is happy.  The last couple of months have turned his world upside down but yet he hasn't complained once.  I'm so blessed to be a SAHM and have these special moments with him!

He's loving his new playground at the ocean.  This kid can't get enough of the water, rocks, and boats. 

This kid also loves being outdoors.  His second home is the playground.

Naps in the car are quite normal now.

He's turned into a Wicked Whoopie pie junkie and Dunkin Donuts fan. 

Bradley adores his PopPop.  Seriously.  PopPop is the greatest person alive in Bradley's world.  I'm so thankful for their strong bond!  

Bradley loves his "new" library and "new" children's museum! 

His latest creation with his Legos.  He made this in about 5 minutes.  I love his imagination!

A cup of Broccoli Cheddar soup from Panera isn't enough..he's graduated into the bowl of soup and eats it all!

This kid is going to be 16 years old before I know it!  Time needs to slow down and he needs to stop growing up so fast!

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  1. Bradley is lucky to have parents who love, train, and invest so much time and energy into his life. He is a sweet awesome kid and we love him dearly. Miss you guys! Glad to see him enjoying his time exploring the new area. He has been a trooper during this big transition. The picture of him sleeping with his arms up and feet outside of the carseat cracked me up. Enjoy these precious moments and memories together the years go by too quickly. Have a great weekend!