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Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

It seems like forever since I posted one of our weekend recaps.  It was really nice to have a somewhat of a normal weekend.   We were still in the middle of house negotiations but managed to have some family time sightseeing at Cape Elizabeth and Kennebunkport.

After we finished looking at one house in Gorham on Saturday morning, we went for a drive around town.  Our new favorite sandwich shop is Amato's and they have so much more than just sandwiches!  We tried the house special pizza that is loaded with meat and veggies which was delicious.  We went to Portland Head House which is in Cape Elizabeth.  There is a beautiful walking path along the coastline with lots of benches along the way where you can just sit and soak up God's breathtaking creation.  It was a very gray day and even though it was 60 degrees, I was still cold to the bone.

We went grocery shopping at Whole Foods downtown Portland on Saturday afternoon.  It was extremely crowded and reminded me of SC when everyone hoards food in the grocery store when the weather calls for snow.  It was a bit overwhelming and I've decided never to shop on a Saturday in Whole Foods again.  When we were downtown Portland, we saw the Norwegian Dawn which was the exact same cruise ship we were on one year ago!  How cool is that??!! It was cold and rainy so we came back to the hotel for grilled cheese sandwiches and watched TV for the rest of the night.  We are really enjoying the free cable at the hotel!  

On Sunday morning we visited a church in Windham.  We stopped for donuts and coffee after church and made our way to Kennebunkport.  It was a gorgeous day for a Sunday drive and Kennebunkport is a beautiful, quaint town.  I can't wait to go back and shop in the cute little stores!  We stopped at the Seashore Trolley Museum, rode the trolley, and checked out all the old, retired train cars.  Bradley had a blast and is now into trains!  We came back to the hotel for a late lunch/early supper.  I'm going to appreciate my kitchen in my new home in a whole new way after cooking in the tiny hotel kitchen with limited supplies.

This weekend was really good for our family.  We weren't as homesick for SC and felt like we have started to adjust to Maine.  It was nice to have some great family moments and not stress about house hunting.  We narrowed our house search down to two homes and prayed God would make it very obvious which house to buy.  After negotiations didn't pan out on the first house, the second house came through perfectly.  God gave us perfect peace that the second house was where we needed to be.  As of Sunday night, we have a signed contract on a house!  The next steps are home inspections, appraisal and just waiting for the bank to give us a closing date!  Praise Jesus that one more step of moving to Maine is over.

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