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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Our One Week Road Trip

Wow!  I can't believe we have finally made it to Maine.  I left Greenville, SC on Wednesday, August 20 and arrived in Maine on Wednesday, August 27.  Mike still had training in OH and WI so Bradley and I hit the road visiting relatives and making lots of memories.  We put a little over 2200 miles on my Honda Pilot in one week.  I didn't get pictures of everyone we visited...my brain was in fog mode from all the driving.  I'm so sorry to those I left out including my sister!  I can't believe we didn't even get one picture of us together!!  Here are some of the pictures from our road trip:

Our first stop was breakfast at Panera Bread in Oak Ridget, TN to see my Dad.  We had a great breakfast at our favorite place and Bradley loved the fun travel bag TN Papa gave him.

Bradley was asleep within about 30 minutes from leaving Oak Ridge.  He was such a trooper being crammed in a tiny space for so many hours!

We stayed the night with Uncle Jim and Aunt Patti in Marion, IL.

They have 3 dogs and one puppy.  They were all so well behaved!

Bradley loved playing chase with the little puppy, Four Bits.

I'm pretty sure we would have both taken the puppy home if Aunt Patti would have let us!

On Thursday we headed to see my Papa Goodman in Makanda, IL.  Uncle Phil, Aunt Connie, my cousin Tim and his wife Andrea came over for dinner.  It was so great to finally meet Andrea.  I missed their new baby being born by 2 days!  

We met Aunt Cherie in Nashville for a quick lunch on Friday.

Bradley and I got to spend some time at my Mother's grave.  
The song "You Wouldn't Cry for Me Today" by Mandisa was perfect for this moment.

We had to find a laundromat to wash clothes.  Bradley loved watching the dryer spin.

Lunch at Cracker Barrel on Sunday was perfect for breaking up our long
 11 hour trip to Maryland.

I'm pretty sure Bradley's favorite day was on Monday in Pomfret, Maryland.  He LOVED playing with 7 of his cousins.  He was ready to move into my sister's house and kept asking me where his new room was. 

They played outside for hours!  The weather was beautiful.

Pizza picnic lunch party! 

On Tuesday we headed to Ridgefield, CT where Mike's sister Tina and her family live.  Uncle Kevin, Aunt Dorrie, Auntie KK, Mama G, and Grandpa & Grandma Genovese all met us there for supper.  It was so great to see everyone and Tina made a delicious supper!!

Mama G rode with me the rest of the way from CT to Maine.  It worked out great especially since I was exhausted from driving in New Jersey.  It will totally be ok if I never have to drive through there again!  Mama G was a better navigator than Siri and even knew the exact amounts of all the tolls I went through.  It was an easy 4 hour drive to Portland on Wednesday!

We made a stop for lunch at Cracker Barrel.  

Seeing that sign made me VERY happy! 

Bradley had all his toys unpacked in our hotel within a few minutes.

And he was so happy to have his first long bubble bath in a week! 

This picture makes me so happy I can cry.  It was such a relief to all be home together in Portland on Friday night!  Thank you Jesus for safety with all the road travels, plane flights, and hotel stays.  We are blessed to be together as a family starting this new chapter in our lives in Portland, Maine!

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  1. Glad you guys are back together. Now you know Bradley can handle long road trips you'll have to come back South sometime to see us! Have a great weekend!