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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Roller Coaster of Emotions

It's been two weeks since we moved to Maine.  What a roller coaster of emotions we've experienced in the last two weeks. We were relieved to finally arrive in Maine but also nervous about finding our way around a new city and state.  We are so thankful for the beautiful hotel that we have for the next two months but anxious to find our own house where we can settle in.  The  excitement of looking for a new house quickly turned into disappointment when we realized the housing market isn't like anything we were used to in SC.  We are in awe with the beauty of Maine but are sad that we don't have any friends yet to share it with.  My husband posted this on Facebook a couple days ago:

When I recall how God moved mountains and guided us so clearly to Portland He reminds me to not second guess His plans for us now that we are finally here. I mentioned to Ashley several times before coming here that we would wake up one morning and say, OK Lord, now what? I knew even months ago that we had to be realistic about being in a new place. I knew that once the excitement of the move faded we would be facing a foreign place far away from the family, friends, church and purpose that we enjoyed in Greenville. 

That morning came for me several days ago, and, even though it was not a surprise attack, I have to admit the reality check was harder to swallow than I thought it would be. My faith and trust in God is still strong and I know that He has called us here for a reason but it just doesn't feel good to me right now. In fact it feels awful and lonely. I know that my feelings don't overrule God's plans but I'm just keeping it honest so that all those who are praying for us can pray more specifically and more often. 

Please pray for us as we look for a new church and new relationships that we will continue to be patient and listen to God's leading. Also please pray that God will protect Ash and I from discouragement and second guessing ourselves and God. Please pray that as we look for our new home that God will help us to be wise with our finances and to be patient. We sold, or I should say "God sold", our home in about 10 days and we thought the hard part was over. After 10 days of looking we have not even begun to narrow down the general area that we need to be in. Ashley has been working tirelessly on this project but Portland real estate is nothing like we are used to. 

Lastly, please pray for me as I study for two securities exams needed for my new job. They are not the hardest securities tests that I have ever taken but with all that is going on around and inside of us, I need many prayers for help in passing these tests.

I pretty much cried when I read his post.  We are both trying to be so strong for each other but we are each battling the same feelings.  

I love the song "Just Cry" by Mandisa especially the words:

"It doesn't mean you don't trust Him
It doesn't mean you don't believe
It doesn't mean you don't know
He's redeeming everything"

God has something amazing for our family here in Portland, Maine. I truly have peace that this is where He wants us.  But for now while dealing with all these emotions...I'm just taking off my brave face and crying.

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  1. Aw....love you friend! Thanks for sharing your heart. Yes, God does have amazing plans for your family. Praying that God gives you the energy you need to get through this phase as you settle into your new community.