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Friday, August 15, 2014

Tenth and Final Week of Summer Fun

And the summer is officially over.  Wow!  I can't believe how fast those 10 weeks went.  What an incredible summer we made with lots of fun memories!  I can't wait to put a  photo book together for Bradley so he will always remember Summer 2014.
On Monday we met some friends at a park in the morning.  The rest of the day was full of packing and the boys finishing up some library books.
Our plans had to be changed up on Tuesday so we went to Legacy Park with my nieces.  It's a nice little park with lots of great places to take pictures.  The kids loved climbing on the rocks near the creek.  On Tuesday afternoon, our friend Chase came over and the boys made Flubber together.  I'm pretty sure they like Flubber over Play-Doh and it's so simple to make!



On Wednesday, sweet Kalli came over to play with the boys.  They were outside most of the morning.  A car oil change and car wash was their excitement for the afternoon!


On Thursday we met some friends at David Jackson park and they played for 2 full hours there.  It was a gorgeous morning!  I bribed them with ice cream so I could get a quick hair cut that afternoon.  :)

 On Friday we met friends at Pump It Up for open play time.  The boys were a hot sweaty mess in just an hour.  They love the big slide!  We ended our summer with a nice lunch with Amanda (Kaden's Mom) at Chick-fil-A.  I sure am going to miss that sweet boy and his parents!  I'm going to have to convince them to fly Kaden up to Maine next summer! 

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