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Friday, August 8, 2014

Ninth Week of Summer Fun

Is it really possible that we only have one week of summer break left?  I know Kaden is excited about going back to school but I'm not quite sure Bradley is ready for the summer to end.  He has had a blast with Kaden this summer!
The boys were so great this week especially since we had several changes to our schedule due to house inspections, termite inspection, appraiser, and the lawn mower repairman. 
On Monday after the home and termite inspections, we went to Greer City park.  I love that the boys love being outside so much. 

On Tuesday, the boys played at home with Legos most of the morning and then we took a quick ride to the airport that afternoon to check out some airplanes.

On Wednesday we met some friends at the Children's Aviation Park and had breakfast.  Milk and donuts for the kids and coffee for the adults.  The kids love this park especially since they can see the smaller airplanes come and go.  Kalli came home with us and she convinced the boys to watch a Veggie Tales Princess and Popstar movie with her.  I love that girl!!  All three of them had so much fun that afternoon together.

On Thursday, the boys played in the sandbox and then we met friends at Monkey Joes and they played there for almost 4 hours!

On Friday, we took a last minute trip to Happy Cow.  Bradley and I are really going to miss that farm!  We stopped at a park near Happy Cow and the boys played a good bit before the rain came in.  Library books and movies are a big hit on rainy afternoons like today!


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