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Friday, August 1, 2014

Eighth Week of Summer Break

This seemed like a crazy week!  The boys have been so good despite the chaotic mess of boxes, packing, last minute appointments, and everything else tied up with our big move.  A couple of activities we had planned didn't happen due to the weather.  It has rained A LOT in the last 36 hours.  I need sunshine ASAP. 
Our week was filled with Happy Cow Creamery, Otter Creek Water Park, $1 Movies, The Children's Museum, Cabela's, the library, and some outdoor playtime in between sorting, packing and getting ready for our moving sale on Saturday.
We loved taking our friend Jessica to Happy Cow Creamery with us!

Waiting for the water park to open!

Best moment ever was going down the water slide with Bradley!

The splash park for the children was a lot of fun!

Taking a lunch break!

These two are best buds!

Happy Hour drinks from Sonic!

These two were busy "supervising" Mike sorting through STUFF!
How does one accumulate so much STUFF so quickly?!

Race car time at the Children's Museum

This heart drum is really cool.

They love their puzzles!

They didn't make it very far.  Gotta work on those arm muscles!

Cake decorating time!
Building houses with blocks

I have no idea what these plastic toys are called but the boys love them!
They will make a great Christmas present!

Water fun

Who needs a zoo when you have Cabela's in town?

Kaden and Bradley were ready to go fishing!

Yep, we were the ones making all the noise shooting each other with these toy guns.

I love these two!! 

Coloring time during one of our rainy days.

A very quick game of Checkers at the library. 
Bradley doesn't quite understand the rules yet.

I love making lunches for these two. 
They both have great appetites and eat just about anything!

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