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Friday, July 25, 2014

Seventh Week of Summer Break

This week flew by!  I seriously can't believe it's already Friday.  Kaden was on vacation on Monday so we just had a four day week, but we still packed it full of adventure!
On Tuesday we went to the library where Sam's Petting Zoo put on a show for the children.  It was a lot of fun and the best part was being able to touch the animals after the show.  I really wanted to kidnap the monkey and bring it home with me! The boys played outside in the afternoon.  Chalk and sand are two of their favorite outdoor activities.

On Wednesday, we went to see Epic at the $1 Movies.  It's fun having Mike come along with us while he's on his two week vacation.  We all enjoyed our Free Milkshakes from Arby's that afternoon. 
On Thursday, we headed to Hollywild Animal Park.  They have a huge selection of animals, more than the Greenville zoo but you definitely need to wear your rain boots.  The walking paths are rough and very muddy!  The apes were a big hit and had us laughing a lot.  The bears were really cool to see and it was fun to feed the goats and donkeys from our hands.  The safari ride was really neat and the boys had fun seeing the larger animals.  Kaden was brave enough to feed the larger animals but Bradley didn't want anything to do with them.

On Friday we went on a scavenger hunt looking for Mice on Main Street downtown Greenville.  The boys were awesome at finding all eight of the mice very quickly.  The boys cooled off at the children's water play area and had a blast getting wet by the waterfall.



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