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Friday, July 11, 2014

Fifth Week of Summer Fun

I'm not sure if the busyness of the summer is finally catching up with me or if it was all the miscellaneous distractions this week that made me extremely tired.  Bradley has also begun a new stage of independence and sassiness that is exhausting.  I'm excited about an easy, stay at home weekend which will hopefully help all of our moods and energy level.  Despite my tiredness, we still had a great week with lots of fun activities.
On Monday we went to Gravitopia.  I was so bummed because I left my phone at the house so I didn't get any pictures!  And I felt completely helpless for 2 hours without having a phone attached to me.  How in the world did we survive 20 years ago without cell phones?  The boys had craft time on Monday afternoon thanks to my sister Heather for supplying us with crafts that gave us hours of fun!  The boys made homemade bouncy balls, practiced salt painting, and painted wooden airplanes.  My favorite was making the bouncy balls!  The boys loved the airplanes.  As cool as the salt painting looked on Pinterest, the boys weren't too impressed and neither was I.
For the salt painting, they wrote their names with the glue and then covered it with salt.

Then you use a dropper and drop the color on top of the salt and
watch it flow throughout the letters.

The bouncy balls turned out so much better than I imagined!

Painting their wooden airplanes 
I'm pretty sure Bradley had more paint on himself than his airplane!
On Tuesday morning a HUGE box from Amazon kept the boys entertained.  Who needs toys when you have a box to play with?  We met Rebekah and Vivian for Story Time at the Greer Library and the theme was all about rainbows.  We ate lunch at IHOP for their special 56 cents short stacks day!  The boys stayed cool on Tuesday afternoon with outside water fights.
This box was big enough for both of them!
Story time is so much fun!

Our 56 cents short stacks for lunch!
Water time!
On Wednesday we went to The Children's Museum.  I'm pretty sure the boys would go there every day if I'd let them.  We stopped by Toy 'r Us afterwards to pick up the 3/$1 crayons special and they each picked out a Matchbox car.  Then we went to A&W for an afternoon treat of BOGO Root Beer Floats.
This ball maze is pretty cool!
This was the first time the boys actually got to play in the space shuttle. 
Normally it's always packed out.
We all made it to the top of the Climber!
Free entertainment at Toys 'R' Us
Yummy Root Beer Floats
On Thursday morning I had to run some errands and then we made a quick stop at the Greer City Park.  We made homemade play dough with our friends Andrea and Olivia that afternoon.  We made two different recipes.  One was using KoolAid packets and the other recipe used conditioner.  Both turned out perfectly!
Bradley is always ready for a challenge!
Both boys are so proud of their muscles!
Kaden picked out green apple and Bradley chose watermelon.

The boys love hands on projects!

They both made their own batch of play dough!


Play Dough was perfect for the rainy afternoon.
On Friday we went to The Greenville Zoo with our friends Tamara and Chase.  A lot of the animals must have been as tired as I was because they weren't in their outside cages.  I guess they were all sleeping in.  Free Slurpees at 7 Eleven was the perfect treat after the zoo!
The orangutan is always a favorite!
Three cute little guys!
Autumn is due this month...bless her heart dealing with pregnancy in this heat!
Cooling down!
Relaxing in the comfortable rocker!

I couldn't believe how close the boys got to this chipmunk! 
Thanks 7 Eleven for the awesome treat! 


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