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Thursday, July 17, 2014

CVS, Earth Fare, and Ingles Deals Week of July 13-19

Yay for another week of keeping my groceries/household items under $150.  My grand total spent was $145.59.  I was able to do some pantry stocking with a couple items and we had some extra treats this week...organic iced coffee and Happy Cow chocolate milk!
Earth Fare Trip #1 - I spent a total of $71.39 and saved $14.21.  I was able to get 3 free organic peaches with this trip.  Peaches and cream make the best morning breakfast!  And have I mentioned how in love I am with their pasta?  It's super delicious and filling!

Ingles - My total was $52.97 and I saved $23.55.  We should be stocked up on napkins for awhile.  Paper products are going to be VERY useful next month!  I'll explain why in a couple of weeks....
CVS - I spent $8.54 and saved $16.19.

Earth Fare Trip #2 - We actually went through more milk than usual this week so I needed to pick up an extra gallon.  I'm super excited about the chicken they have on sale for 99 cents a pound!  The sale lasts through next Tuesday so I'll be making a couple more trips early next week to get stocked up.  My total was 12.69 and I saved $5.25.

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