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Friday, June 20, 2014

Second Week of Summer Break

I'm pretty sure I'm having as much fun as the kids are this Summer.  I can't remember the last time my Summer was so fun and relaxing!  I'm blessed to take care of Kaden this summer...he's a great kid!  And I'm blessed to be surrounded by good friends and family who come along on our adventures with us.  Two weeks down and eight to go!  I'm hoping they go by slowly because we still have a LOT more places to go.
We had one stay at home day this week.  The other 4 days were filled with trips to the $1 movies, Pelham Road Library for Pirate Day, a friend's pool, Herdklotz Park, Butler Springs Park, and George the Train.
Fun at the Park with Karlie and Brina!

The boys stayed at this park for 3 1/2 hours one day this week!

Racing down the slides.

These two would eat all day long if I'd let them.
They are both very good about eating healthy food and drinking lots of water!
They already completed their reading assignment (48 books) for the Summer Reading Program at the Library.   They received a medal, magnet, a coupon for a free taco, and a free ticket to the Greenville Drive game!  They both love to read.  Now to start on the Barnes and Noble reading program!
We made Flubber one afternoon!

They loved watching their Flubber spread out and making long snakes with it. 

Chalk time under the porch...it's been a very HOT week!

Pool time with sweet Kalli! 
Thanks Melissa for letting us hang out at your pool!

The boys loved Pirate Day at the library!

Our $1 movie was The Pirates Band of Misfits which went along well with the Pirate theme that day.  I received a coupon for free popcorn and a free drink...yay for freebies!

PlayDoh kept the boys occupied for 2 hours one afternoon!  They love that stuff.
My nieces came over on our SAH day and the kids had fun in the Bounce House.
We actually had fairly nice weather that morning...a nice break from the heat.

A two seater quickly became a 4 seater! 

Building tents is always a huge hit. 

George the Train was so much fun with my nephew and niece!

Water fights between the boys which quickly led them to both gang up on me!

The little pool actually provided a ton of relief from the heat and the kids had a blast!

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