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Monday, June 9, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

Since we began the weekend with Bradley's Airplane Birthday Party on Friday night, we pretty much chilled the rest of the weekend!  It was really nice weather so Bradley played outside a lot.  Dirt, sand, and water is all the boy needs to stay happy.  He also enjoyed the extra down time to play with all his new toys. 
We did get one thing accomplished and took Mike's car to the mechanic to get the alternator replaced.  We also bought some new sand for his sandbox.  Does anyone else have issues with the sand always being poured outside the sandbox?  I'm thinking it would be cheaper just to pour the sand outside the sandbox right away and use the sandbox for storing all the toys.   And yes, Bradley pretty much stayed in his pajamas or underwear all weekend long!  It was just one of those "why bother getting dressed" types of weekends.
This little excavator was our birthday present to Bradley.
I bought it about 2 months ago and Mike was certain that I would buy another present for Bradley since we let him play with it early. But I was very proud of myself for keeping my promise!

He loves his sandbox!
I'm pretty sure he could stay in the sandbox all day. 

He was proud of the robot Daddy built for him.

One of his birthday presents from a friend...his first train set!

Another birthday present...he loves his airplanes!
Yep, even this sweet boy can have his temper tantrum moments.

A three hour nap did wonders for Bradley! 
A much better disposition!

Back in the dirt...

This kid had dirt all over him!

It's so much fun getting Daddy wet!
My adorable "I can't believe I have a 3 year old" little boy!

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