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Monday, June 2, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

The weekend went by way too fast for my liking.  My sister Shannon and her family was headed to the beach from the "cornfield" state and stopped in for a quick overnight stay. 
Eating chicken nachos for Friday night supper

The cousins brought Bradley some birthday presents and this giant
marshmallow sucker was one of the presents.

They all had fun sharing!
Uncle Shawn read the hilarious book of "The Gas We Pass, The Story of Farts".  All the kids and adults found it very amusing and we had lots of laughs!
On Saturday morning we had buttermilk pancakes with fresh blueberries and strawberries.  Of course the kids all chose chocolate chips over fresh fruit.  We had a couple more hours to chat and then they hit the road for the beach.

Even though we are 6 years apart, we are still best friends! 

I love my nieces and nephews!!

Silly face time!  They are always goofing off!

These kids are a blast to be around! 
Skyler cracks me up.  He is a super sweet and funny kid
but he was having a rough morning.
We all took a nap after they left.  We didn't get much sleep on Thursday night with Bradley having some wheezing problems so we had some sleep to catch up on.  We ran some errands on Saturday afternoon.  The birthday party planning stage has begun and yes, I waited until the week before to start planning the details!  Then we had a super relaxed evening with Dad and Mom G.  We all played "monsters" in Bradley's room and had a fun time laughing at Bradley's seriousness when it came to killing the monsters.
Bradley just makes himself as comfortable as possible at nap time!
Church on Sunday morning was special as they honored all the graduates.  A great sermon on how we never graduate from life.  There is always something God is teaching us.  Growth Group on Sunday night was bittersweet as we closed this semester out.  We take a break for the Summer and will restart in the Fall.  I love my Growth Group family!  As I was making Bradley a snack at 9 pm last night, I opened my microwave and found a stack of cards.  My sweet friends had all written thank you notes and just touched our hearts with their kindness!  Thank you all so much for your thoughtfulness!

Mike was teaching Bradley floor mopping techniques! 

This little guy fell asleep within 10 minutes of our evening walk on Sunday night. 
He had a fun filled weekend and was ready for bed!

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