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Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Butterfly Garden Experience

 I bought the Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden off Amazon awhile back when it was on sale.  I thought it would be a great summer project with the boys...and it was a huge hit!  Our caterpillars came in the mail two weeks ago and we've had a blast watching them change into butterflies.  What a fun, educational experience for the kids and the adults! 
The caterpillars went to the top of the jar within 3 days of receiving them in the mail.
They hung upside down for two days and then became chrysalides.
After two days of them being chrysalides, we moved them to the butterfly habitat.
The boys thought this part was so cool!
All 5 caterpillars became chrysalides!
The boys were so excited!
It was almost 4 days later before they became butterflies.
They actually startled me when I went into the bedroom.  4 out of the 5 made it into beautiful butterflies!

We gave them watermelon and flowers with water droplets.
We kept them for 3 days and then released them.
This part makes me so sad because I accidentally deleted my memory card with all the pictures from their release. :(  My niece and nephew helped Bradley and Kaden release the butterflies and there was one moment where one of the butterflies landed on my nephew's foot.  It was so cool to watch them fly off into their new home.  I kept the butterfly habitat and we may just have to do this again very soon!


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