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Friday, June 20, 2014

Ingles and CVS Deals Week of June 15-21

It's been two weeks since I posted my grocery spending and you know what?  I went over my $150 budget both weeks!  There were a couple extra hosting events and Bradley's birthday party which contributed to me overspending.  But I didn't keep track of my spending which ultimately ended up with me not having a clue what I spent and I just kept spending.  So we are getting back on track this week!  And I stayed under budget which confirmed why I need to post my spending each week.  Ingles has recently started their sales ad on Wednesday instead of Sunday.  It's thrown me off a couple times but I think I've finally adjusted to it.
Ingles Trip #1 - I spent a total of $60.65 and saved $21.16.  I was excited to grab some organic chicken and steak that was on sale.  The watermelon has been so nice to snack on this week with 90 degree weather we've been having.  And gelato was on sale 2/$6 which was an awesome deal.  It still cracks me up how Bradley will turn down ice cream but will scarf down some gelato!

Ingles Trip #2 - When the new sales ad was released on Wednesday, I was excited to see lots of organic products on sale.  Since I had some extra room in our budget this week, I went ahead and bought several extra items to stock the pantry with.  My total spent was $56.04 and I saved $15.78.  Not a huge savings since I only had 2 manufacturer's coupons and the rest I had to rely on the store sale.  I'm still trying to find the secret of finding coupons for organic items.  They are pretty rare.

CVS - I spent a total of $27.20 and saved $62.75!  I actually split this up in 3 different transactions so I could use $6 of ECB's to help keep my out of pockets costs lower.  I was very excited about the Tide deal of being $2.50 each after the sale and manufacturer's coupons.  And I think I have Mike stocked up on deodorant for awhile!
My grand total spent this week was $143.89!  Yay for being back on track and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will continue this pattern!!

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