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Friday, June 13, 2014

First Week of Summer Break

We have had a great 1st week of Summer Break!  I'm babysitting a 7 year old boy, Kaden this summer and we have had a blast!  I made a calendar for the next 10 weeks with the places we'll go and things we'll do.  This week we went to David Jackson Park, the Greer Library to see The Critter Keeper, $1 movies, The Children's Museum, and the Greenville Zoo


I love our Children's Museum!

Kaden LOVED driving the race car.

Bradley was obsessed with filling the car up with gas.

The wind tunnel is so much fun!

They boys were too cute in their construction outfits.

This was my favorite exhibit.  We took all the lights down and created this new pattern.
At first the boys thought it was going to be boring and then they realized how much fun it actually was.  They were very proud of their work!

Making their own music with a pinball machine.

I'm pretty sure they could have stayed at the water table for hours.

Bradley was too nervous to get on the climber but Kaden made his way to the top.

Bradley was so sweet taking care of the "sick" puppy.
The Greenville Zoo is rather small but it still has some great exhibits.  We go there often so it almost feels like the animals are our own pets.  Bradley refers to the baby giraffe as "his Kiko".  It's also nice that we can bring in our own snacks and drinks.  We had another friend come with us.  The boys were all 2 years apart and are quickly becoming best buds!

The monkeys are always entertaining!

The leopard stayed close to the window almost the entire time.

Chase and Bradley checking out Mia's handprint.

Bradley and Mia

Baby Bob and Mama.  I still don't know Mama's name.

They were all so cute standing on these little benches together at each exhibit.

 When we weren't out and about, the boys loved playing outside or reading.    
Kaden is an incredible reader and Bradley loves Kaden reading to him.

The excavator has been a huge hit! 
Dirt and boys just go together like peas in a pod.

Water Fight Time!!

 While we waited for The Critter Keeper program to start the boys played on the computer and with this magnet board.  They also checked out 30 books to read!

The Critter Keeper did an excellent job with the children and this room was packed out with adults and children!  I'm pretty sure we went over the maximum occupancy for the room.  The boys loved all the critters even though neither one of them were brave enough to volunteer for helping.  :)

We ran into some more friends at the Library.  Kaden and Caden!

Bradley was watching pretty intently at some of the critters.

Swinging at David Jackson Park.  I love this park!!

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