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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Costco, Ingles, Happy Cow Creamery, and CVS Deals Week of June 22-28

I shouldn't even really say "Deals" this week because it was more of just buying what we needed.  I almost cried when I came out of CVS because I completely screwed up on a deal.  I should have just gone back in and asked for a refund so I could try it over again.  But that's just not my personality....which is why I wanted to cry.  Maybe I just need a break from couponing for a week or two while I just regroup and I'm able to focus better.
Costco - I spent a total of $57.14.  I love their organic ground beef for $17.99.  I stocked up on several snack items to take for our picnic lunches this summer.  I love the organic and healthy snacks that Costco offers.  These Fig Bars have been a huge hit with everyone and they are very filling!

CVS - My total was $4.76 and I saved $10.28.  If I would have purchased one more soap item, I could have had it for free and received a $10 gas card back. 
Now you know why I wanted to cry.

Ingles - I paid a total of $29.66 and saved $13.75.  When I got to the register, one of my coupons for the cheese had expired two days ago.  Another "I just want to cry" moment.  I was completely out of dishwasher detergent so thankfully the Oxi Clean had a coupon on the bag.  I've never tried this brand so I'm hoping it will work.  They had a great sale on paper plates and I'm always stocking up since we go through a lot of these during Growth Group. 
Happy Cow Creamery - I know I took a picture but I just can't seem to find it.  I bought one gallon of whole milk, one gallon of chocolate milk, 1/2 gallon of buttermilk, one dozen eggs, two containers of cottage cheese, one container of sour cream, and one package of salted butter.  My total was $30.44 but I did have a credit of $7.74 for returning some cheese that didn't taste right.
Miscellaneous items purchased this week were:  $7.55 at CVS for a case of bottled water (my husband uses these at work) and anti-itch cream for the hundreds of mosquito bites I had. $7.58 at BI-LO for two cans of coconut milk for a new recipe I was trying.  I couldn't believe how expensive canned coconut milk was!
My grand total spent this week was $137.13.  I kept it under my $150 weekly budget but I could have done better if I had all my ducks in a row.

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