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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bradley's Airplane Birthday Party

Bradley has wanted an airplane birthday party for at least the past 5 months.  Whenever you say anything about his birthday, he immediately replies "I'm having an airplane party".  So his wish was granted and I pulled off an airplane birthday party.  My friends know I'm not a crafty person.  I just bought my first hot glue gun about 6 months ago and have only used it twice.  Many thanks to Google and all of you who posted great ideas for me to copy!  Thanks to all our dear family and friends for coming to celebrate Bradley's birthday with us!
This was my 3rd attempt with this cake.  First one stuck to the pan,
second one overflowed and burned in my oven, and the third time was the charm!
I bought the airplane cake pan here.

Many thanks to this blogger who offered these free printables for the "Jet Fuel"!

I bought the popcorn boxes from Michael's and the
peanuts are just in your small Dixie cup. 

Grapes in small Dixie cups make it so much easier
for the kids to grab their own. 
A huge thanks to my friend Brenda for sharing her
delicious chicken cheese ball recipe!
BBQ chicken bites were another easy finger food.

These suitcases were the perfect centerpiece
and held the party favors nicely. 

Thanks to Patti at JCPenny Portraits for taking fantastic pictures of Bradley!
You captured his personality perfectly!

I had this "art/craft" table in the extra bedroom so the kids could color
or make airplanes throughout the party.

Thanks to Mimi for buying these cute little DIY airplanes for the kids.

I printed some airplane coloring sheets for the kids to color. 

Bradley was so cute blowing out his candle.  First, he blew out the match as I was lighting the candle.  Then we realized no one had a camera so we had to make him wait to blow out the candle while we found a camera.  He was such a good sport and so patient!

Opening presents = best moment of the party!

As chaotic as this looks, it was a blast!!

Thanks Auntie Tina for the bubble machine!

We realized at 10:30 pm that we never took a family photo. 
What did we do before selfies existed?!

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