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Monday, May 19, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

We started off the weekend with babysitting our friend's daughter on Friday night.  Bradley was so excited to have a play date even though she is 6 years old than him.  We took them both to David Jackson park and I walked 10 laps around the baseball field while Mike played with the kids on the playground.  We came home and watched The Incredibles and ate homemade strawberry pie courtesy of Mimi!
I love the walking trails at David Jackson park!
I had a GCFPA board meeting on Saturday morning.  We had a great meeting coming up with ideas for our Foster Parent Appreciation Day, Shoe Night, and our Christmas party.  It's weird planning a Christmas party in May.  After the board meeting, I picked the boys up and we went for a bike ride on The Swamp Rabbit Trail.  It was our first bike ride this year so we only lasted an hour before we were both ready to collapse.  My legs and butt are still sore!  We tried a new restaurant for lunch, Everyday Organic, and all agreed that it may just become our new favorite!  I loved their menu and philosophy when it comes to food.  The prices are a little higher than average but you have to remember you are paying for quality organic, local food.  And everything was so filling that I didn't even eat supper.  So think of it as a 2 for 1 meal!  Bradley and I took an afternoon nap while Mike mowed the grass.  Another walk on Saturday night and then we ended the night with a movie.  Relaxing Saturday's are the best!
He was all ready to go on Saturday morning!
Bradley fell asleep within about 15 minutes of the bike ride.

How awesome is my husband?! 
 I'll take hand-picked wildflowers over fresh roses any day.

Chicken salad sandwich with hummus and pita chips at Everyday Organic.
We had a great service at church on Sunday morning and ended the day with a fantastic Growth Group discussion on Faith on Sunday night.  Dad & Mom G came over for a visit and PopPop and Bradley enjoyed some quality time together before bed.  It's hard to believe that less than a month and they will be headed to Maine.  We are going to miss them like crazy!


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