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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our Weekend Recap

Tomorrow is already "Hump Day" and I'm just now getting on my computer this week.  Our floors were FINALLY installed on Monday and Tuesday. I'm so excited to finally have everything somewhat back to normal. 
We had another great weekend with perfect weather.  We went out to eat with friends on Friday night.  It was our first time at Tupelo Honey Cafe downtown Greenville.  Relaxing atmosphere, great service and delicious food and awesome friends to hang out with!
Thanks Molly for babysitting Bradley!
On Saturday, we checked out a couple garage sales but only found a couple items so we came back home and chilled for a couple hours.  Then we hit the yard with mulch, transplanting some flowers, installed some edging into one of the flower beds, and painted one small hallway. Dad and Mom Genovese came over for dinner and ate pizza with us on the front porch.  I'm going to really miss these relaxing evenings with them when they move back to Maine. 
This is my favorite flower bed.  The rose bushes are gorgeous this year!
The birds have made a mess on my new mulch job but I still refuse to move the feeders.  The birds bring great memories of my Mom and I love looking out the window and seeing the variety of birds every morning and evening.
Dad G's invention of a redneck two-seater!  We had a great laugh over this!
We had a great service at church on Sunday with 8 baptisms.  I love seeing families get baptized together and can only imagine what special memories they will always have.  We came home and painted the family room on Sunday afternoon.  We were just going to touch up but the new paint ended being a different texture so we ended up having to paint everything all over.  We knocked it out in about 2 hours and then had just enough time to get the house ready for Growth Group.  We had 4 visitors come which was awesome!  We finished the night off with another relaxing evening on the porch with Dad and Mom G.  Dad G ended up playing baseball with Bradley and we all had a great time watching him.  This kid loves baseball and has a great swing.  I can't wait to take him to the Red Sox game in a couple of weeks!
Cutest baseball player ever!

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