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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Our Staycation Fun Day!

Mike took the next couple days off from work so we are excited about having some extra family time along with doing some fun activities.  Today was all about staying in town enjoying Greenville.  We started off the morning at Gravitopia for their Toddler Time.  I love this hour that is designated each day just for children 6 and under.  Parents jump for free and children are discounted to $8.  A great deal since normally each person is $12. 
Mike and Bradley having a blast!
I conquered my fear and tried the tight rope. 
More jumping!
We came home to take quick showers (jumping can be a very sweaty workout) and then we went to The Greenville Zoo.  Bradley loved showing Daddy all "his animals".  Bradley has a friendship with all the zoo animals and he takes it very seriously. 
I'm pretty sure he would go to the zoo every day if I'd let him.
Bradley was telling Daddy to shhh because the monkeys were sleeping.
Water break time!
My favorite guys!
We had nice lunch at Wild Wing Café and then headed to The Children's Museum.  There were probably only about 40 people in the museum so it very quiet and relaxing.  Bradley didn't have to wait his turn for any of the exhibits.  
Enjoying the gorgeous day by eating lunch outside.

Bradley entertained us with his artwork while we were waiting for our food.

The Children's Museum!

Mike pushed the gas pedal while Bradley steered the car.

Using those arm muscles to pull Bradley up.

He spent the most time at this block station today.

Mike helping Bradley build a "big house'.
Music time!

Bradley was so cute singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
Afterwards we walked downtown Greenville and stopped at Marble Slab Creamery for some ice cream.  Once again, Bradley just ate the waffle cone and could care less about the ice cream.  It was about 85 degrees so Bradley had a great time playing in the water play area.   
The fountains were so much fun for Bradley!

He loved splashing us with the water.

He wasn't so happy about being thrown in the water.

They were having a blast trying to get each other wet.

His smile melts my heart!

His laugh is contagious!

Oh that mischievous grin!

He was very uncertain about the statue. 
It was a perfect day!  We were all so relaxed and tired by the end of the day but we had such a great time making memories as a family.  I love our beautiful city and all it has to offer.  One advantage of a staycation...it's much cheaper since we had season passes to both the Zoo and The Children's Museum.  We used a $10 coupon at Wild Wings Café and a BOGO coupon at Marble Slab Creamery.  Spending money is a lot more fun when using coupons!
I can't wait for tomorrow!!  We are going to my favorite place!!

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