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Friday, May 2, 2014

Ingles, CVS, Costco, and Happy Cow Creamery Week of April 27-May 3

I'm really thankful it's Friday and this week is almost over.  I completely went over my $150 food budget this week.  I didn't stick to my menu at all.  The house is a wreck.  I didn't blog too much this week.  And my to do list was hardly even touched.  But it's Friday and it's double date night with friends which will make up for the chaos of this week.
Ingles - I spent $36.24 and saved $18.59.

There was one day I just needed to get out and drive so we made a trip to Happy Cow Creamery.  Does driving help anyone else clear their head?  I spent a total of $54.85.
CVS - My picture is refusing to upload.  I bought two Clinical Strength Secret deodorants, one box of Clairol hair color, and one box of Sour Patch kids candy.  My total was $16.31 and I saved $15.02.
Costco - I was in a rush and didn't have time to take a picture of all the groceries.  I bought two loaves of organic ancient grain bread, ground beef, sour cream, allergy medicine, parmesan cheese, coconut oil, and organic sugar.  My total was $92.52.  I always forget how quickly my bill adds up there.
My total spent this week was $198.63.  I'll get back on track next week!

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