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Friday, May 23, 2014

Earth Fare, Costco, Walmart and Dollar General Shopping Week of May 18-24

Earth Fare Trip #1 - I spent a total of $61.49 and saved $15.31.  I was really disappointed in the corn that was on sale 5/$1.  I thought the corn was a little tough and didn't have much flavor.  Grass-fed ground beef was on sale for $4/lb so I picked up two pounds.  At the end of my receipt, there was a survey and once I completed the online survey, I would get a coupon for $7 off $30.  Which came in handy for my 2nd trip.
Earth Fare Trip #2 - My total was $27.07 and I saved $13.47.  I used the $7 off $30 coupon from trip #1 and the sunscreen lotion was free with $10 purchase.  I bought some Jazz apples today.  It was my first time trying that kind since I normally stick to Gala.  But the Jazz were from USA and the Gala were from Chile so I went with the Jazz.  Both Bradley and I loved them and were very happy with the flavor and crispness.
Costco - I used up most of my sugar this morning making strawberry jelly so I ran into Costco to grab more sugar and picked up a bag of Chicago Mix popcorn.  The popcorn is for game night with friends tomorrow night.  My total was $14.38.
Walmart - I was given a gift card from Moms Meet to try out a new brand of chicken.  It's from NatureRaised Farms and their chickens are cage-free, and raised with no antibiotics or added hormones and steroids.  The chicken was fantastic!  I made BBQ chicken last night with it and it was so tender and juicy.  My total spent out of pocket was $4.86.

I rarely stop at the Dollar General store.  But I was completely out of garbage bags and dishwasher detergent.  I didn't have my ECB's with me to stop at CVS so I figured the next cheapest place would be Dollar General.  My total spent was $4.24.

So my grand total for groceries and household items this week was $112.04.

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