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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Charleston & Folly Beach

I love it when Mike has work meetings in Charleston! 
We left on Tuesday afternoon and arrived in time to have a nice evening walk on the Battery, grabbed some dinner at New York City Pizza, had the most delicious Gelato at Belgian Gelato, and ended the night watching Bradley play in the fountains at Battery Park.
I love this pathway in Battery Park with all these gorgeous trees.

Or course he had to stop and climb the cannon balls.
Love this kid!!

Charleston makes us very happy and giddy!
Bradley loved riding his bike by the water and watching the sailboats.
I love spending time with these two!
It was almost 7 pm before we ate so this guy was very excited about pizza!

He just had to play in the water!

He managed to convince Daddy to come with him.

Nothing is better than peanut butter gelato in a waffle cone!
On Wednesday, we dropped Mike off at his meeting and then we drove 20 minutes to Folly Beach.  It was perfect!  The entire morning just made me so happy to have this time with Bradley at the beach.  I'm so thankful for Mike's job and him allowing me to be a SAHM.  These moments are priceless and I'm so blessed to have these special times with Bradley.  He loved every minute at the beach and it was very hard to get him to come with me when it was time to leave.  We stopped at the hotel for quick showers and then we went downtown. We went to the City Market and then just walked pretty much everywhere else downtown.  I can't get enough of Charleston and it's beauty.  Each house intrigues me and my only regret is not bringing my camera to take pictures.  Mike was finished with his meetings by 2:45 pm and we loaded up and headed back home.  On the way home, Bradley says "can we go to the beach tomorrow?".  If only we could baby boy....
His happiness was so contagious!

The tide was coming in this morning.

I loved when he would just stop playing and look out in the ocean.
He's such a deep thinker.

The shovel was his favorite toy all morning. 

He was so persistent on covering up his plastic beach toys.

I'm pretty sure a smile didn't leave his face for a full 2 hours.

Trying out the water.

Beach cutie!

Totally wiped out when we got back to the car from walking downtown Charleston.
Still passed out when I buckled him into the car.

And the dazed look after 3 hours in the car.
What an awesome 27 hours away from home!  I would totally be ok with Mike having weekly meetings in Charleston as long as I can keep coming with him!




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