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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Boston Red Sox play Atlanta Braves at Turner Field

Our family loves the Boston Red Sox!  I'm pretty sure if a job opportunity for Mike opened in Boston, we would move there tomorrow.  They played the Atlanta Braves on Memorial Day at Turner Field in Atlanta so we knew we couldn't miss this chance to see them play.  Dad and Mama G went with us which made the trip even more special.  It was Mama G's and Bradley's first MLB game experience.  We had a blast despite the heat, rain, and raw throats from screaming.  It was incredible to see a home run from Big Papi (our favorite) and very special to have Martinez throw a ball from the bull pen to Bradley.  It was definitely a day with lots of wonderful memories!
"I love my family" pictures


"I can't capture enough of Bradley's cuteness" pictures!


"I may or may not have a crush on Big Papi" pictures!



  "I suppose there are other Red Sox players besides Big Papi" pictures.

Boston wins 8-6!!!


  1. I love this. I was 7 years old when my dad [Joe Wehry] took me to Fenway. I still remember some events from that day--45 years later. It made me fall in love with baseball, the Sox, athletics, which later made me fall in love with coaching. Most of all I fell in love with Jesus, had the privilege of coaching your husband, and realize everyday that coaching was not the game it was the people. Bradley has one incredible memory. You will never know how God will use this...praise Him for little things that are seeds to bigger things. Sox Fever...

  2. Great pics! So glad nobody got pelted with gold balls this time