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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Latest and Greatest in Bradley's World

I'm pretty sure Bradley has grown an entire inch in the last month.  This boy has been on a huge eating and sleeping frenzy.  I'm keeping Stride Rite in business with his ever growing feet.  That boys goes through a complete shoe size every 3-4 months.  He's in a size 9 wide and isn't even 3 years old yet.  Yikes!  I'm anxious to see what his stats are at his 3 year old check up in June.  He is almost fully potty trained.  We are still working on #2...he usually has one of those accidents each day.  But he consistently stays dry at nap and bedtime!  Mother's deserve a trophy for potty training their children...what a job!
You never know which toy will be his favorite for the day and the calculator was the lucky toy this particular day.  He even took a nap with it.

He thought the lawn mower should experience the slide too.

This kid loves the slide although the swing has started
 to become more popular with him lately.

This kid has stolen my heart.

He found the clown nose in the sandbox from the circus we went to several months ago.
Toys just have a habit of popping up in the oddest places!

Calliou is his favorite TV show right now.
He can INHALE cupcakes!

Showing off his muscles along with his dress attire for the day.
Isn't underwear and brown sandals the perfect casual look?

 Mike teaching Brad how to earn brownie points with Mama!

Watching some more Calliou on his tablet.
Thanks to Verizon for the free tablet when we upgraded our plan.  I love freebies!

He is definitely like me with his disgust for peas.  He was hiding them
under his plate and in his cup.  Smart boy!

This totally cracked me up.  I went to take a picture and he made this
funny face completely on his own!  What a hoot!!
Bradley will sit for an hour playing with Legos. 
This creation is a "big robot in a big house".

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